There are lots of wedding photographers out there Black Cravat, why should we hire you?

Well firstly; the name Black Cravat is pretty cool, no?

I never started out thinking I would be a wedding photographer.

What started as a friend asking a favour turned into a big demand for my work at weddings from Cambridgeshire to the beautiful Island of Rhodes in Greece, and all sorts of wonderful places in-between!

Truth be known, now I really do love a wedding.

I always feel pretty humbled when people ask me to be the person to photograph their wedding day.

I hate all the cliche "it's so special, la de da de da.." but the bottom line is - it is!

It's right up there in the top ten most personal and important days in any two peoples lives and no doubt you are spending a lot of cash on it.

So with these two very important points in mind - I take my job there very seriously.

We like your enthusiasm! But whats your style? What can we expect from having you there?

One of my personal pet hates at weddings are photographers that take everybody away from all the fun to stand around in awkward poses and forced smiles for what seems like an endless stream of different people combination photographs.

I think it's boring.

It's boring for you, it's boring for your guests ... and it's actually a bit boring for me too.

Now of course, if Mum or Nana or whoever has their heart set on a good traditional mantelpiece photograph then we are going to make that happen for them and they will go home happy!

But generally - my aim is to photograph you making real memories with each other and having a hell of a lot of fun together.

I have a great way with people and a natural talent for finding beautiful moments and making beautiful pictures from them. This is where I excel.

Every single image I make for you is individually edited to the highest standard with my insatiable attention to detail. I take into consideration your themes, colours, atmosphere and personal tastes.

I create you a beautiful story book style collection of images that will keep the memories of it all fresh for years to come.

Sounds good so far but how do we know this? You could just be making all this up ..

Nope! My references are unbelievably wonderful. Glowing like glittery sunbeams. I love to show them off so please feel free to ask for some!

Whats the etiquette with you photographer people? How long do you work for? when do you arrive? Do we have to feed you?

Well, we can discuss all this based around your needs and plans but in a nutshell - Generally I'm hired from the Bride getting ready until after the first dance. This is usually classed as all day coverage and works out to be around 9 hours.

This sort of time coverage means you do have to feed me.

Though I eat like a pigeon and i'm not very fussy, so nobody usually minds.

WAIT! We've just stumbled upon you on the internet. Where are you based? Will you travel?

Do not fear.

I am currently based in Cambridgeshire but take on work allover the UK and abroad.

My work has graced many an interesting geographical location including - Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, suffolk, Wiltshire, Bath, Bristol, London, Leeds, Brighton, Scotland, Greece and even Taiwan!

Fly me to Mexico! or summon me to Skegness! I have a gypsy soul and love of adventure.

Travel expenses will apply.

Ok, we're sold. Whats the options?

You have a few options but as with any service catering for an event as personal as a wedding, the price can vary depending on your needs and wants.

I really don't like it when I take the time to look into the price of something only to find out I have to call or request for the information.

So in order to give you at least a rough idea of my prices I will breakdown the option most people hire me for.

Generally people want me for a full day all inclusive deal. I arrive as the bride is getting ready and stay until after the first dance. You will receive a minimum of 400 individually edited images.

I release the images to you on USB in a fancy wooden box.

All digital images are free from watermarks and with full printing rights enabling you to share the pictures with family and friends as you please at no extra cost.

I also knock you up a beautiful personally designed hardcover book with all the best images from your day.

More details on all of this on request.

Price - £1600.00

Whatever it is you need from your day get in touch.


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