May 4, 2016

The whole surreal and trippy Wonderland experience started for me as i headed alongside the sunrise to Cambridge.

I was to meet a man who would have with him - two fairground horse heads, a Paper Mâché lion, a section of a fairground lighting panel and a bag of vintage top hats.

In a Carpark.

A historical Carpark.

Because the Historical Cambridge Union Society had opened their doors to us again and our new BFF's at Ralph&Co.Vintage were kindly lending us some of their very cool antique props to decorate the place.

So here I was.

Bright as a button.

I find myself alone and with full run over the very beautiful Cambridge Union society library

The Neon Moon Club

I make good use of my time and my Nikon remote..

and wonder how i manage to wing my way into situations like this.

We staple giant playing cards to elastic, paint Lexicution blue, take selfies with taxidermy animals and i learn the correct term for a group of flamingos is a flamboyance (how did i not know that?!)

We all love a bit of Wonderland don't we?

The theme was released and the tickets started to fly.

Curiouser and Curiouser - The Wonderland Ball.

It felt like the Alice in Wonderland theme had hooked the curiosity of lots of new faces. I met two American ladies outside before the doors opened. One of them had seen this Alice and Wonderland styled evening and bought her tickets based on that. Neither really knew what The Neon Moon Club was.

I knew this was true when one announced they were a bit concerned they might be overdressed. Overdressed? Here? No.

I promised them they would have a great night.

And it looks like they did!

The Fire poi in the garden was very cool to arrive to.

Cambridge University Fire Troupe

I love how the rest of Cambridge gets told off for just standing on University associated grass and here we all are....watching fire get thrown about on it.

Tweedle-Dumm and Tweedle-Dee made ridicule with riddles and flamboyance with flamingos.

The bar was set for a Mad Hatters tea Party.

A giant projection of the original Alice in wonderland movie played on the wall.

and then I turn around to THIS! -

This installation totally knocked my socks off! I loved it.

The Caterpillar was always my favourite!

Lexicution looked amazing and the Shisha smoke with the lights and middle Eastern music playing -it was all just so TRIPPY!

i wondered if one of the Tweedles may have slipped me a mushroom..

We had a full ariel rig set above the main stage. High wired circus were performing on the hoops and silks.

Underneath the ariel performance a team of acrobats are painting the white roses red. - nice touch!

The Vintage boutique had a really successful evening.

It's becoming quite the bustling little pop up market.

Featuring stall holders from

Bee's Bizarre Bazaar,

Raven Dreams,

Magpies Attic,

Vintage Home and wear,


Eagle rose guitars



The lovely Vicky from Photographvie was there with her photo-booth and fantastic hand-made Wonderland themed set and props. If you haven't already, head over to Photographvie . The Photo-booth set is up and images are available to buy.

We had a new haze machine to play with this time.

I was loving the haze.

Proper dramatic.

The Neon Moon Club

Joe Black was back to host.

Joe Black is quick witted, sharp tongued and dry.

His Boogie man voice unsettles me a bit..

Acid Sharp tongue + boogie man voice .

You wouldn't want a row with him would you?

When the show ends i find myself sitting crosslegged on the dressing room floor sharing sushi and discussing his love of seaweed thinking - "my, what a soft spoken lovely chap you are.." Funny.

Felipe Reyes caused gasps with his amazing gravity defying balancing acts.

And look at your faces when he took his shirt off!

The Neon Moon Club

Shocker of the evening was absolutely Ms Demelza Fox and her tea lady tassels!

The Neon Moon Club

who will ever look at a cup of PG tips the same way again?

The Neon Moon Club

It actually cracks me up how much this picture sums up Demelza.

Total picture of Angelic loveliness both onstage and off.

But absolutely zero qualms about brewing a good cup of household name tea from her nipples.

Pi the Mime was brand new to the Neon Moon stage

The Neon Moon Club

What a total superstar!

I had a lovely time shooting with Pi before the show.

It's not often my 4'11 dainty frame feels de-feminized by someone with a moustache.

But when Pi strutted into the library today and straddled the grand pool table perfectly balanced in black high heeled stilettos and stockings - i did.

I felt butch.

Pi continued his reign as the baddest bitch in the room when he took to the stage and broke free of his 9-5 job and drab office worker uniform.

Then he transformed into an elegant Geisha and silently convinced three of you to fan his confetti,

The Neon Moon Club

and thanked one of you for it with a headlock.

The Neon Moon Club

I do hope he comes back again soon.

Missy Malone was back as a balloon popping bunny.

  • The Neon Moon Club

I think this guys face says it all

The Neon Moon Club

I love this image from her second act.

It really is quite difficult to get a shit picture of someone with a face as lovely as Ms Malones.

I think she looks particularly striking in this one though.

Like a dark Disney queen.

The Neon Moon Club

Dicke DeVere and the Dorchester Mavericks were a bit fabulous!

I really love having live music at the shows.

The show came to it's end with our Ruby Truelove performing temptation through a cloak of sultry film projections.

The Neon Moon Club

and of course,

a full glass decanter of glitter.

and finally ladies and gentlemen - there was you!

You and all your gorgeous faces and beautiful costumes!

The full album from the night is on it's way.

Keep your eyes on the The Neon Moon Club Gallery.

Ruby Truelove was busy on the night catching you all on her camera and she's whipped up this fabulous little video from the ball.

Did she catch you in it? I do believe i even see me!

Wonderland was out of this world and I'm sad that this album marks a break from all this Neon Moon madness until October.



GOTHICA - The Halloween Ball.

Earlybird tickets are already on sale

Get your TICKETS now and be smug about your discount.

I had such a great time at Wonderland with you all.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Follow the links at the bottom of the page and hit me up on social media! Thank you all for being so bloody wonderfully photogenic! See you you all next time!

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