I am a woman with a wardrobe brimming with every shade of black.

So for a change, the three day run up to the Halloween Ball - GOTHICA was not fraught with last minute costume scrounging.

Which was a good job really, as I was a bit busy being haunted in one of the most haunted buildings in Cambridge at the most likely time to be haunted time of the year.

Cheery start, right?

So many of you grabbed tickets for this sell out show.

We needed a BIG venue.

Big, grand, beautiful.

Haunted, perhaps?

Welcome to Cambridge Guildhall!

A week or so before show day I was Googling images of The Guildhall for a bit of inspiration for photoshoots I would be doing in the building on the day. I find this -

I forward it to Catherine thinking it may offer a little interesting coffee break reading. Next thing I know, the day before the show I am being driven to this haunted building with Catherine, (AKA Ruby Truelove AKA Davina the ghost hunter)  to conduct off the cuff paranormal investigations. Ruby had on her best Davina voice and I got followed by a ghost in the workmans corridor.

I shit you not.

Have a look HERE to find out more

I got there early on show day to meet Mr Karl Cockerton.

Karl is one of the original members of The Bearded Villains and I've wanted to photograph his face for ages!

We took a few shots and made a few plans for some shoots in the foreseeable - more coming soon!

As always, I went in with big plans for a portrait of everybody.

As always, show day is so hectic that it didn't actually roll like that.

By the time make-up and costumes were on everybody we were literally a few minutes from doors opening.

 The Sure-Can Play Boyswere set up directly opposite the Judges haunted chair which every one of you would have walked past when you arrived.

I wholeheartedly hope none of you sat in it.

A million pounds wouldn't convince me to sit in it.

The boutique was packed with awesome stuff..

Throughout the day i would wander backstage and see layer after layer of liquid latex being painted on mike and Sampson.

The gargoyle of good and the Devil of evil looked absolutely incredible!

They spent the start of the night scaring everybody in the main hall.

You screamed then you laughed.

It was fun to watch.

Our always stunning LEXACUTION was the Victorian doll.

She was wearing a beautiful LED incorporated corset, bow and skirt custom made by herself and our wonderful Tom Fleet from our ELECTRIC RODEO CIRCUS team.

 GOTHICA gave them both a great chance to practically test some of their ELECTRIC RODEO CIRCUS design theories in real show time.

La Razza events were running the bars. 

Betty Nior and Goodness Gracious - the green Absinthe fairies, drowned this guest into madness.

I did this once on an 18-30 club holiday in Tenerife.

But it wasn't this classy.

To be honest i assumed at the beginning of this act that it was being done with water,

 then i noticed that the front of the stage stunk of Absinthe!

 So Sir, if that really was two bottles of Absinthe being forced down your throat - i salute you.

Virgin Xtravaganzah came back to host

I've been having a daily #StrutWithChrist since i met her holiness at the Baroque ball.

Virgin is just as hilarious, entertaining and uplifting in her daily social network updates as she is on a stage.

She cleared up a few unanswered questions about a certain biblical story and gave a

Holy 'Fuck you' to Brexit

She refereed the time old wrestle between good and evil

I think we all know which side she was on.

anyone with a nervous disposition or a lack of love for the UK's recent crazy killer clown fad, probably ran to the back of the hall when the freakily cheery and terrifying faces of gore clowns Lorraine and Laura kindly gifted you balloons then gleefully popped them in your faces. 

Chelsea Hart sang to and of the dead with her performance of "Pie Jesu" and

"O mio Babbino Caro".

She starts singing and you just sort of gawp at her open mouthed expecting a divine white light to start shining out of her face or something.

Dave the bear girates his hips in such a filthy way. 

It's super special.

He whipped out his two big supersoaker guns and handed them to the people in the front row so they could squirt water allover him on stage

I was in the cross fire.


Lilly Laudanum. I LOVE her!

She brought Queen Victoria to the stage and the crowd hailed Britania.

Lilly won the 2015 British crown in the world Burlesque games. If you have seen this act you know why!

Vicky came to party and she partied hard.

Then she pulled her intestines out of her stomach.

Ayesha Dixon – the only gun-slinging, knife throwing cowgirl in the UK is smoking hot.

Literally smoking whilst being hot.

Filles De Lune and their vampy feather dance seemed more a treat than Halloween trickery.

Until you got up close...

Steve Bogaerts from Bloody bones Sideshow made my nose feel funny when he hammered a nail into his and then created a cocktail in his nasel cavity and shook it to mixed perfection from hooks hanging from his eyelids.

And if that wasn’t enough to prove his clear disregard for his own personal safety, picking this slightly unsteady looking chap from the crown to pull a sword out of his throat certainly was.

Dixie Dread.

Right delightful little Demon.

She is really nice backstage. She wasn’t sacrificing small animals and I didn't hear her curse at anybody in Latin.

So when she popped up on the stage with white eyes and feasted from a goblet of blood I was somewhat taken aback.

Her Clown act costume is so good that me and Nadderz crossed her path backstage before she went on and we had no idea who she was.

This was one of the busiest nights ever!

All the guests looked awesome

The show video is on it's way soon!

Nadderz was there catching you all in action. Check out his photography work and some of the backstage antics he caught on the night HERE

The full Album is on it's way tonight! Keep your eyes on The Neon moon Club FACEBOOK page

and FLICKR page 

Big thank you to everybody involved for an amazing evening!

Next one is December 10th! We are back at The Cambridge Union Society!


Connect with me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM!

See you there!

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