Fuck it, lets go - BLACK CRAVAT

I dream of a life where I can just pick up and go.

Be where I want to be.

Get an idea in my head and just go with it.

On Wednesday afternoon Richard showed me a picture of Cornwall.

“it looks lovely, i'd go there" I said

he looked at me and smiled, “lets go there now then”

“Alright then” I said sarcastically.

“No I’m serious! Fuck it! lets go, I don’t have work till Monday. Lets just go now. Be  spontaneous with me”

and for a few seconds I hesitated.

I thought of all the grown up shit I should be doing.

I looked at the sink full of washing up I still hadn’t mustered the enthusiasm for.

I thought of all the stuff i'd have to pack.

The sorting out of all my paper work i promised myself i was going to do that day.

“Alright then. Fuck it. Lets do it” I said.

So we did.

We had no real plan and no idea where we would stay but the aim was Cornwall.

So off we went with a random Cornish postcode and a thrown together weekend bag.

Our faith in our carefree plan started waining around 8pm when i had gone through every hotel booking service on the internet and not managed to find one hotel in Cornwall with rooms available for under £260. It was getting a bit late to count on being able to roll up at a random B&B.

Thankfully, at about 8:30pm i found a room on Laterooms.com for the Sandycove hotel in Ilfracombe, Devon. It even had breakfast included!..and we were only 20minutes away from it!

So a little off the planned route but grateful for a bed, we got there in time for a drink and a game of pool.

For this half of our trip I was using an old battered Nikon 50mm 1.4 lens.

This lens is absolutely fucked.

It was the first lens i ever bought. 

It's been dropped, scratched and covered in hairspray.

The images from it are soft, full of noise and chromatic distortion.

but you know what? i love all that.

I can't get rid of this lens, although i wouldn't rock it out for any professional kind of work, love it for taking snaps of our lives. 

It's a nice focal length, it's light weight and i think the creamy colours and gritty off-focus pictures it takes makes these personal pictures a bit magical.

This is how i see my memories in my head.

I really like that about it.

We decided we were happy to stay in Devon for the day. We went out to explore the town and headed to the Seafront to check out some rock-pools and see the caves.

I don't usually take Landscape pictures so recently i've been trying to make an effort to.

I think the most important thing you can have in life is freedom.

I hope my kids remember how fun these spontaneous little adventures are.

We Found a Kaleidoscope. 

and a great little pub that served Tapas.

Me and the boy ate our weight in Calamari and we headed home to Cambridgeshire.

For such a short trip this was one of the funnest things i've done in ages.

It really felt great just to drop everything and say "fuck it - lets go on an adventure today"

I really hope that one day we can own one of those big motorhomes for a while

I'd love to be able to travel around the UK for a year or so, writing, photographing and parking up to stay wherever we please...

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