Cocktail Skanking - BLACK CRAVAT

I had a fantastic Friday night

My teenage years were spent living with my Dad and at the time he was the guitarist in 

'The More Specials' - an awesome tribute band that played some major ska scene gigs.

Here they are in action if you are interested,

(and because i'm well proud)

My Dad is the super amazing guitarist rocking the cool shades at 1:29.

Goan Jimmy! 😎

My evenings were spent trying to drown out the sound of live rehearsals of 'much too young' and 'little bitch'  coming from the living room with my shite R&B and Happy hardcore mixtape's.

Older and wiser and with a vastly improved taste in music, i was excited to find out Big10 Ska tribute band were playing at The Cambridge Cocktail Weekend and i was on the guest list with the creator of The Neon Moon club to support our collaborators La Raza Events and Cambridge Live at this very cool event.

I may have been too much of a teenage dirtbag to appreciate a great music scene back then.. but i wasn't going to let it slide now!

Tonight I had been given the God of all favours by my friend Nadderz from Nadderz Photography who lent me his (much better than my camera) camera and a bag of lenses that weighed more than me.

It's a bit of a rarity to have someone hand you their full kit in this profession, and it is also a very big rarity to have the chance to test out this kind of equipment in real scenarios before you fork out around £7000 for it ...or at least a few hundred quid to rent  - Thanks Nadz! I appreciate it lots!

This was my first time using a full frame camera.

I need one.

I need one a lot.

sadly, as this was only the second time i had shot a proper live band at a venue like this and i did the usual... Panicked and stuck to what i knew!

On reflection, I didn't test the boundaries as much as i would have liked to, but i absolutely see a massive difference and will 100% be purchasing one in the very near foreseeable!

Big10 were Brilliant. So brilliant.

Just as brilliant - YOU COULD NOT BUY A BEER HERE

The whole surrealness of skanking with room full of Rude boys holding dainty drinks with miniature umbrellas,

It really made it for me.

As did witnessing and shooting my first ever crowd surf!

The atmosphere was great, the drinks were delicious.

10/10 all rounder.

So, to sum it up -

Second time shooting a big live gig.

First time shooting at The Cambridge Corn Exchange.

Test running a brand new camera i've never used before.

Whilst hammered on cocktails...

I'm pretty happy with how these turned out!

If you get the chance get yourself to one of Big10's gigs. 

Simply, they are a fantastic band with a great energetic stage presence making great covers of all the best loved Ska music.

I will absolutely be skanking to them again soon - with a Pina Colada!

Massive well done to La Raza Events, Cambridge Live and Big10 on a totally memorable event that i loved every minute of.

Keep your eye out for the next Cambridge Cocktail Weekend - not to be missed!

Join me and The Neon Moon Club when we team up with La Raza Events and Cambridge Live for the Grand Halloween Ball - GOTHICA!

Tickets are almost sold out already! Get yours HERE

Thanks for reading my blog! head over to The Neon Moon Club to see my blog post and pictures of the amazing cocktails that got me hammered! - HERE

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