BAROQUE - A Valentines Masquerade

Welcome my to my first Blog post on my personal work page.

I've thought about getting on the blog wagon for a while.

The question has been - what's worth blogging about?? Well.. THIS IS!

So on Saturday night I found myself on a cold Valentines night dressed in not very much. It wasn't the first time.

But on this occasion it did happened to be at the very grand and historical Cambridge Union society. Classy! ;)

My almost bare bum cheeks were prancing through the halls previously graced by the likes of Winston Churchill and The Dalai Lama. ... Maggie Thatcher has been there too - incase you like that sort of thing.

So I was at the Neon Moon Club, obvs.

It was Valentines night. The theme was Baroque.

I’m not going to lie, when the theme was released I had to Google “Baroque”.

Thankfully around the same time I also noticed “Marie Antoinette” was in the Sky on demand section.

A Wednesday night of Pinterest and Kirsten Dunst had me expecting pastel colours, ruffles and sky high hair.

I wasn’t disappointed.

The guests at the Neon Moon club are always stunning but tonight the costumes and little touches were OTT beautiful.

The start of the evening was packed full of amazing walk-around performers and cheeky fun!

Our beautiful Cupids Goodness Gracious and Betty Noir collected your secret love notes.

Whilst this incredible woman with this incredible costume gave everyone neck strain!

Beautiful Alexa was on the podium in the bar with yet another mind blowing handmade costume.

And not to forget Mr Jamie Powell making sure everybody got a good stroke of his Staff

For anyone who needed a last minute accessory they were spoilt for choice at the amazing range of stalls at the boutique for this show! I even picked up my fella a little last minute Valentines card from the fantastic Bees Bizarre

DHP curiosities



Bunny Pumpkin

Vintage Home and Wear

The beautiful Boutique manager Jenna has been making all this happen behind the scenes. Isn't she clever?

Virgin Xtravaganzah was our host for the evening.

Through the platform of Rhiannah's 'Unfaithful' the Virgin Mary professed her hardships endured stemming from the immaculate conception of her baby Christ.


Josephs alcohol and hard drug dependancy sounded tough girl. We feel you.

Virgin Xtravaganzah is probably one of the most hilarious acts i have seen at the Neon Moon club to date. If you get the chance - see it!

The variety of the acts on stage were fabulous!

On par with Mary her Holyness, the beautiful Chelsea Hart took to the stage.

She opened her mouth and angels fell out.

It was stunning, a whole paragraph of beautiful adjectives couldn't give it justice.

Lou Safire is beautifully freakish.

He started with perfectly on point toes in an elegant ballet strip tease.

He ended with playing cards stapled to his chest, a nail hammered into his nose and his bum cheeks on fire.

Yes he did.

Our beautiful Ruby looked incredible in her Marie Antoinette costume.

I've seen our Rubes in many a beautiful outfit but this outfit is my personal favourite.

How amazing does she look?!?

Demelza Fox looked so fluffy and soft!

I've met Demelza before but usually she is dressed as a mermaid.

Turns out underneath all that tail is rather pert peachy little bum and her land legs have absolutely got some slinky moves!

The award for keeping me right on my toes goes to Bruise Violet.

She was bounding around the stage like Bambi, I could barely keep up with her.

She has a super sexy stage presence.

We all very much loved Ms Violet.

My absolute favourite part of the whole evening was the incredible guests at this show.

Love was in the air and the dance-floor was full.

The peeping Tom in me was having a riot!

Here is our very dapper gent Nadderz.

Nadderz had his photo-booth set up in the bar area.

Have you checked out his page yet?

Have a look here He took some fantastic shots of you all.

The Neon Moon Club is one of my most favourite places to be on any evening but Valentines evening is pretty special here.

Love it or loathe it, Valentines night is made all the better just by being here surrounded by wonderful people, beautiful costumes and a truck load of glitter.

The next amazing show is in April. The theme is WONDERLAND!

Make sure you get your tickets for it early. After Aprils show there will be a break over the summer.

Make sure you start the Spring with something Magical!

I'll be adding the complete full album of the night onto the Neon Moon Gallery Page later tonight.

If you haven't seen your beautiful face here be sure to keep watching there.

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See you all next time...

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