Welcome my to my first Blog post on my personal work page!

I've thought about getting on the blog wagon for a while. The question has been - what's worth blogging about?? Well.. THIS IS!

So on Saturday night I found myself on a cold Valentines night dressed in not very much. It wasn't the first time.

But on this occasion it did happened to be at the very grand and historical Cambridge Union society. Classy! ;)

My almost bare bum cheeks were prancing through the halls previously graced by the likes of Winston Churchill and The Dalai Lama. ... Maggie Thatcher has been there too - incase you like that sort of thing.

So I was at the Neon Moon Club, obvs. It was Valentines night. The theme was Baroque.

I’m not going to lie, when the theme was released I had to Google “Baroque”.

Thankfully around the same time I also noticed “Marie Antoinette” was in the Sky on demand section.

A Wednesday night of Pinterest and Kirsten Dunst had me expecting pastel colours, ruffles and sky high hair.

I wasn’t disappointed.

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