I am proudly one of seven media Artists funded by ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND and supported by ESCALATOR creating an electrifying new UK touring show.

Welcome to the Rodeo!

 This is something to keep your eye on.

We have big plans here!

Read all about it on the Electric Rodeo Circus BLOG - Written by me!

The Electric Rodeo Circus, Funded by Arts Council England and supported by Escalator.

A core team of performance and technical media artists are taking risks and experimenting. Together we are creating a unique circus-inspired vaudevillian Theatre show that incorporates responsive projection and sound as well as wearable lighting and illuminated props.

Unlike any other show on the thriving UK scene, The Electric Rodeo Circus will be a unique fusion of complex but accessible AV technology, international calibre circus and cabaret acts and sumptuous vintage aesthetics.

The Electrifying show will tour to glorious dusty ballrooms, eclectic festival venues, hidden restoration Theatres, circus spaces and country mansions across East Anglia.

We are a group of multi-skilled international artists, innovators and digital creatives who share a passion for technological magic, sumptuous vintage aesthetics and good old knees up entertainment... with a dark edge.


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